Belgorail intends to become a benchmark Certification Body in the field of Railways and other Guided Transport Systems (metro, tramways, …) capable of covering all regulatory provisions stemming from European Directives and other legal requirements on Rail Interoperability and Safety.

This result can only be achieved by always factoring in our key objectives in terms of quality which are:

  • Ensure rigour and impartiality in our methods;
  • Avoid any conflict of interests;
  • Guarantee confidentiality on information provided to us in the framework of our assessments
  • Ensure that certificates issued by Belgorail are recognised internationally, in particular through compliance with the normative documents and standards applicable to our activities as an Inspection and Certification Body

In this context, and in order to develop and retain a sufficient volume of activities to sustain our business, the company also envisages progressively extending its activities in countries voluntarily applying the provisions of European legislation on transport, such as non-European members of the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF).

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