Belgorail is an inspection and certification body formed in June 2004 to cover the need for voluntary and regulatory certification in the rail sector.

Belgorail's founders are:

and Certification Body

Engineering Company

Belgian Federation
for the Technology Industry

With the know-how and expertise of the three founders incorporated into a single certification body, Belgorail has all the required competencies for its diverse missions.

  Transurb has numerous teams of technical experts and engineers available for allocation to Belgorail missions.
  The services offered by Vinçotte relate in particular to inspection, certification, testing and measurement.

If required, Belgorail can also call on the services of Agoria's corporate members by way of subcontracts in the many fields in which these companies have the required knowledge and/or expertise (technical or other).

From its creation Belgorail has sought to meet the requirements imposed on rail system certification and inspection bodies at both national and international level. These requirements are those applicable to notified bodies, approved bodies operating in a national framework and product inspection and certification bodies.

In this regard Belgorail has NBN EN 45011 accreditation relating to requirements applicable to bodies offering product certification systems. The EN 17020 accreditation process is currently under way.

Belgorail’s accreditation has been granted by BELAC, an accreditation organisation operating under the responsibility of the Belgian State.

This accreditation, registered and described under reference 335-PROD, was accorded following several audits and in-depth analysis of the company’s modus operandi.

In accordance with the general provisions specific to certification bodies, our Administrative Board has set up a Certification Committee, an Advisory Committee and an Appeals Committee. These different committees ensure, among other things, the impartiality of Belgorail in its operation.

From its creation Belgorail has progressively extended its activities to become:

  • a Notified Body for European Directive 2008/57/EC
  • an officially recognised body for verification of compliance with Notified National Technical Rules in Algeria, Belgium, France and Luxembourg (in European terminology a “Designated Body”)
  • a body responsible for coordination and execution of Rolling Stock Testing
  • an Inspection Body in the rail sector
  • an Independent Safety Assessment body (ISA)
  • a Risk Management Methods assessment body in the framework of Common Safety Methods regulations
  • a Certification Body for Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM certification) and Maintenance Workshops
  • a Voluntary Verification body for all cases where a rail sector company wishes to ascertain the quality of a product, items of equipment or a service and compliance with the relevant standards

Our company has also established various partnerships that have enabled it to broaden its battery of experts and extend the range of services offered.

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